Saturday, July 7, 2012


Summertime has arrived. Here is a random update of some things going on.
 Eating at Walkers- YUM!

 Crawfish Boil Celebrating Bo's second year of Law School.

 Finally got to meet Olivia, Tucker's girlfriend!

 Drew, Collette, hudson, and I

 Viking Cooking School
 Fort Morgan, Alabama

 Lauren and I at Tony and Chelsee's wedding
 Samantha and I

 Bo and the groom, Tony
 Football guys reunited
 Short and sweet, hope to be better at updating!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Together Again!!

What a great weekend full of my college friends! Friday night Sara Beth came to Jackson and she, Lauren, and I went to see Aimee's new house and see her cute pregnant self! Yay!! Then we drove late into the night to the MS Delta to see he Satterfields! Jason, McLeod, and baby Nora are the cutest family ever!!! All we did was cook, eat, talk, play with Nora, talk, and talk and it was perfect!!! I am so thankful for amazing, fun, beautiful, supportive,and Christian friends!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 moving right along

2012 is moving right along..... So far....
Went to the American Academy of Women Dentists conference in Tupelo, MS!
Valentines night with the hubs at Walkers!
In laws in town- ate at Ticos- soo good!
Fun night out eating at Parlor Market and then going to the Barrister's Ball!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bye Bye January

WOW! I can't believe January is almost over- I can't keep up! Last weekend Bo and I drove, yes drove, to Tampa, FL for Bo to be in one of his good college friends, Clints, wedding. It was such beautiful weather- nice and warm- and was kinda crazy to pack for warmer weather since I have been used to wearing boots and scarfs lately! The reception was so fun at a restaurant on the beach. The mother of the groom suprised everyone with an Elvis impersonator since they are from near memphis and get this- "Elvis" and his wife just moved to Tampa from Tupelo (where Bo and I are from) to retire- ha- it was hilarious!
The wedding was on the roof top of the hotel, next was a cocktail hour while the bride and groom took pictures on the beach, then a sit down dinner, and then dancing- it was a great night and we are so glad we were there to be a part of it!
Driving the 11 hours home on Sunday would not have been fun but we listened to The Hunger Games book from my iphone app. It was exactly 11 hours and made the trip soooo fun. I was on the third book, but really wanted bo to read the book since the movie is coming out in March. Needless to say, he loved it. We got home he started reading the second book, skipped a class the next day to finish it, and then read the third book the next day- they are sooo good if ya'll have not read them yet!

One of my favorite Christmas gifts inspired from Pinterest and made by my talented Father in Law. I made the small jar on the left into a soap dispenser- love it!

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Long Lost December

Well, Christmas is over and it's on to a New Year! I have yet to recap december so before I can move on to new things, here is a glimpse of December.

Christmas Decorations- and of course a bassett hound stocking!

Bo and I by our little tree!

The firs weekend of december is Belhaven's Annual Singing Christmas tree- the longest running and largest singing christmas tree in the world- for real. Bo said it best, "There is nothing better than free fun!" It is the perfect way to get into the christmas spirit. This year Trey and Virginia Carter joined us!

Early December I had the chance to go to Los Angeles for a National Health Service Corp conference for the new loan repayment awardees. Bo had law school exams so my mom got to go with me. When I was not in meetings we cruised the town and had the best time. If you know me or my mom you know we are soooo bad with directions but we rented a car and did great getting around!

Lindsey Lohan (black hat and blond hair)- our star sighting- we saw her up close and personal in Sephora but I was too afraid to take a pic until she was walking away.

Adam gave us the best restaurant suggestions. The food was amazing. The first night we ate at The Ivy- a frequent lunch spot of the stars.

We drove down to Malibu and Santa Monica Pier.

We had a wonderful brunch at the Shutters Hotel.

Bijan, on Rodeo drive. I read about it before we got there. It is THE most expensive store in the WORLD. It is a men's clothing store and it by appointment only. They say minimum people usually spend in $100,000. Crazy!!!

To be continued...........................................................

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