Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just a good weekend!

This summer has gone by soo fast- I can not believe this is the last weekend in July! This past thursday all the girls in my class had a baby shower for Lauren Crenshaw. She has the cutest belly ever- just like a little basketball taped to her stomach!! She is having a little boy that has a mystery name till he is born- I wonder what it will be???? All the girls in my class are so great and these past two years would not have been the same without them!

Bo and I headed to Tupelo this weekend for Bonnie and Paul's wedding! It was a beautiful wedding with a really fun reception at the Mize's house! We got to see a lot of people from high school that we have not seen in a really long time so that is always fun and we got to see Kerri and Jonathan too- they were both in the wedding! Love you kerri-I love seeing you every day!!

Sunday before we left we ate at Bo's great grandmother's house- Here is a picture of his grandmother and great grandmother! Mama Gin is hilarious-she is 92 years old and says the funniest things- she still works out three times a week and feels great! She fried us some chicken, okra, and pickles- she said she had been frying all morning-haha!!

It was great to see so many friends and family!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Rug Doctor

If you have been around me or lived with me long enough you know that I love cleaning! In college my roomates would laugh because they would come in and I would be scrubbing Sara Beth's flower rugs on my hands and knees. So, this weekend was not very eventful but very productive. I have been fantasizing about renting a carpet cleaner for months to clean the one room in our house that is carpet- the master bedroom- I thought about getting new carpet but opted for the cheaper route of cleaning it myself. Let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed every minute cleaning that disgusting carpet- the bottle of cleaning solution for the Rug Doctor said that it could be used for 3 to 4 rooms, but I used the ENTIRE bottle on one little area in our room- I was serious! Here is a picture of the dirty water from the first round- I know it is nasty but I had to save a glass to show Bo just how dirty it was- he went to play golf while I cleaned- probably so I could enjoy it in peace-HaHa!

But now I can finally sleep at night knowing my carpet is as clean as it can be- if we can keep these creatures off of it!!

I also got to put pine straw in the front yard and plant new flowers in the front urns and put up a hanging basket- I love anything with flowers and yardwork too! I enjoyed myself this weekend and got to check some things off my never ending to do list but maybe next weekend will be a little more exciting to others!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 3, 4, and 5th of July!

I was so needing a break from school so thank goodness for the long weekend for Independence Day! Bo and I, and murray, made the long journey (71/2) hours to my aunt Brandy's house on Lake Blue Ridge in Georgia to spend the weekend. It was perfect! It is so rare for my whole family to be together these days since we are all so busy- drew in college and always gone on extreme adventures- tucker- about to be a senior in highschool- and me in school, etc.
Here are some pics from my great weekend:
My adorable cousin Hudson.........
My other adorable cousin Hayden....
My brother Drew and Hayden
Drew and Me

Me and Murray!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and Hudson...

Drew and Hayden Kayaking!

Me with murray in his life jacket- dont't want him to drown- my dog can't swim-haha!
Murray enjoying himself- He loves Beer!!
Drew took us kayaking down the Hiwassee River- prob spelled wrong drew- Bo took a little fall!

Murray did not kayak but he canoed!

Me and tucker- my youngest but much taller brother!
Me and Bo on the long way home to get back to the normal daily life!