Monday, May 30, 2011

Four very loooooong years, but I made it!!!

I still remember the summer before dental school, I graduated from MS State and got married and would always say with a bubbly voice, "I'm going to Dental School." to everyone who asked. Little did I know that it would be the most challenging, stressful, yet rewarding accomplishment I have ever done! There is no way I could have made it with the constant support and love from my family, friends, Bo, or my bassett hounds! I can't express how glad that I "survived" the past four years, but in reality I am very excited about my future career and pray that God will continue to show me the ministry that I am meant to have.
I am so blessed that 25 members, yes 25, came from many states to support me and watch me graduate! Here are pictures of most of them! Friday night I entertained 20 of them on my back porch for the perfect ending to one of the best days ever! Thank you all for everything!

My Family: My aunt Leigh Ann and cousin Wyatt Dauler:My brother Drew:My awesome husband:My "little" brother tuck:

My aunt Brandy and cousin Harper Lynch:My aunt Amy and cousins Olivia and Luke Ligas:
Long time friend Ross Stone:Dental School Friends that I will miss seeing EVERY SINGLE DAY for four years! Catherine Sledge, Kerri Davis, and Lauren Wade!The best in laws ever!More dental school friends!Me and Heidi Frazier!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

One year down and 2 years or 2 weeks to go!

Bo has finished his first year of law school! This year has been one to remember as Bo went through his first year and I through my last year, but it is coming to an end! Bo has another 2 years and I have another 2 weeks! Bo is headed to Tupelo today to do a 6 week clerkship at Mitchell McNutt law firm and then he will do another 6 week clerkship in Jackson at Balch and Bingham law firm- we are very thankful for his opportunities! I have not seen him much in the past two weeks because he was in the library, so as soon as he finished his last exam we all met up and celebrated. Did not get a picture of all the boys but I did of my favorite law school wives- Virginia and Haley!!

My mom and Drew came down on friday for my senior banquet. I am so thankful for all the support my family and friends have given me. I graduate on May 27th!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Quick Girl Time!

I loved spending the afternoon with two of my favorite girls- Mcleod and Nora. They were leaving for the beach the next day! Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with me!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just a Fun Weekend!!

This weekend was just fun times spent with friends. Friday night we went to Lauren and Alston's Engagement party at a beautiful house. I did not get a picture with the bride, but here are two pictures with some of my dental school friends!

Saturday Night we went to a Kentucky Derby Party at the Hewitts house! Thomas Hewitt is in law school with Bo and usually goes to the Kentucky Derby every year, but this was the weekend between the law school finals, so they decided to have a party. All women wore big hats, they had bets being placed for all the horses and had mint juleps with crushed ice just like the Derby. It was very fun to see all the different hats.

Here is all the law school attendees:

The Baxter's and the Morgan's!

The Carter's: