Sunday, June 21, 2009

Murray needs Braces

Posted by PicasaMurray needs braces- see that one little crooked tooth!-haha

My Three Sweet Little Ladies

This week God blessed me with the three sweetest little ladies as my first three patients. They all showed up- which is so great because that is one of the main issues with the patients at the school so that was a blessing in itself!

Lady #1- This sweet lady told me her teeth were just falling out.... so hopefully I am going to be able to help her! Her sweet son brings her to all her appointments so hopefully she will always be able to come- I see her on monday for x-rays!

Lady #2- This sweet lady had 9 kids!!!! She said at one time she had seven under the age of seven and then her last two were twins! I told her she could have had a reality show! At the end of the appointment I had to use this contraption to get her jaw relations and it looks really funny- and she thought so too- she just started dying out laughing- it was hilarious!

Lady #3- This sweet lady has just had the hardest life- full of medical problems that have caused her to have so many problems in her mouth- most of her teeth just hurt all the time that she said she can not remember what it feels like not to hurt! At the end of the appointment, she hugged me and told me that she used to love to smile, but she doesn't anymore because she is embarrased of her teeth- it broke my heart!

This week has been great because God has shown me what a ministry I will be able to have and during the past two years it has been hard to see that when all you do is study books, etc... My patients are people I can pray for and I as help each one of them there will be windows of opportunity to share God's love! I am really excited to finally get a glimpse of what my daily life will be like!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our 2 year anniversary!!

Tuesday was Bo and I's two year anniversary. We have been married two years, but lets not forget about the six years of dating, 6+2=8, so we have been together eight years! I have wanted to marry Bo since high school and throughout all of our years of dating long distance the main thing about marriage that I was excited about was just being able to see him everyday! Bo has been the best husband! I know it is not always easy being married to me when I come home stressed, tired, hungry, and in a bad mood, but he always helps me snap back to my normal self. We usually just try to laugh at everything that comes our way! Bo, I love you! On tuesday when I came home from seeing my second real patient-yay- Bo had flowers and a sweet card waiting on me! We did our p90X video and then got dressed to go out to eat. We went to a quaint little place downtown that we have always wanted to try. It is so close to our house, but we have never been. You can bring your own wine, so we just had a quiet dinner which turned out to be just as great as our week long first anniversary trip!

A Bad Snowball

Ok, Monday- I was getting nervous that bad things were starting to snowball. That was the day that we were finally getting our air conditioner and I was super excited until I walked out the front door.Oh and by the way, our refrigerator was going out also because our house was so hot and all our chicken was thawing out. Anyway, If you have been to my house you know that we have two ENORMOUS trees that must be like 1,000 years old, anyway every time we have a storm, Bo and I get really nervous that a branch is going to come through our house! Well, the past week has been super sunny and not a drop of rain, but I walked out the front door and there was a HUGE branch lodged between our two cars and I had to get to school because I had my first REAl patient- AHHHHH- my car was behind the branch, but BO was stuck waiting for the air conditioner men. He had to saw the branch into pieces and could not move his arms because we had just did the arms DVD for P90X and then he sawed a massive branch-haha- but everything worked out in the end. By the end of the day, we had air, our fridge decided not to give up on us, and my first patient showed up!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Hot!

Everyone out there that has air conditioner better not take it for granted and be thankful! Bo and I have been living with out air conditioner for the past week and we have never been so miserable! It is hotter inside than out. Our dogs walk around panting and acting like they are about to have a heat stroke, and Bo and I do not even get close to each other because it is just too hot! We are getting a new air conditioner tommorow though- the air conditioner men said that ours is so ancient that they do not even make them anymore, so needless to say I am SOOO excited to be cool in my own house tommorow!
Bo and I are also embarking on the adventure of P90X- an extreme workout regimen that you do for 90 days. People have told us that it is extremely hard but we had no idea- on top of sweating in our own house with no air, we are pouring sweat during our workout! We have both never been so sore in our entire lives- 2 days down and just 88 days to go! We are taking this very seriously- they tell you to take before shots, so we did, but have not decided if i will be sharing those on our blog- maybe if the end result is worth it- which I know it will be!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two Week Break

The past two weeks have been absolutely great and needed! I was fortunate to spend the first week at the beach, first with my family at my aunt's house in watersound, Florida and the second part with Jonathan and Kerri Davis in Gulf Shores! Kerri is in my dental school class and they have been so nice to invite us to their beautiful place on the beach! This beach trip I had a traumatic encounter with a hermit crab. Bo MADE me play frisbee and as I was running to catch the frisbee I slipped on the shell of a hermit crab and had to get stitches on the bottom of my foot. I got my stitches out today and told the doctor I thought one area still had something in there because it had been hurting- I had a freaking CLAW in my foot for the past 10 days- watch out for those crabs! My sweet best friend McLeod got stitches around the same day by a huge nail- we took matching stitches pictures!
The next weekend I was a bridesmaid in Aimee Prevost now Aimee Sanford's wedding. I always feel so honored to be in people's weddings because it is such a special day! Aimee looked so beautiful and was such a laid back bride. She was just glowing! I was so glad to see so many of my college friends that I do not get to see often also- I miss those college days!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not on facebook but now i have a blog- YEAH!!!

As most of ya'll know I have never been on facebook. That is probably hard to believe, but its true. I hope I will even be able to figure out how to blog and download pictures and stuff- not that computer savvy!!