Monday, November 28, 2011


Well, pictures are in random order and it takes me for ever to rearrange them because there must be a faster way but..... either way I am thankful for each picture and for the past couple of weeks.
Murray and Charlotte "on vacation" in tupelo- they love going on vacation and they love each other!!! Each year we still have the family tradition where my mom let's us "kids" pick out an ornament. I love my ornament it looks like a little red bird just landed on a tree in the forest!!

Me and my "little brother" tucker picking out our ornaments.

Bo and I about to eat our thanksgiving dinner at the farm with the fam.

The food!
Me, mom, and the newest addition- Charlie Blossom!!!
Me, Amy, and Charlie.

Me, Leigh Ann, and Charlie.
Me, Will, and Charlie.
Me and little Charlie.

Bo and I at Babalu celebrating Catherines Bday!

Happy Birthday Catherine!
One last night on the porch before the cold comes in!!!
Me and Virginia.

Will and Millie.Another night out with the Dental School girls!Bo and I at Lauren and Alston's Wedding.Sara Beth and I at the wedding.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall is here!!!!! Enjoying the weather!!
Virginia, Me, and Celeste after a law school hang out this past friday night.

Mexican Night with the Clelands.

The boys on one side of table- Drew, Andrew, and Bo.

The Girls on the other side:

Me, Molly, and Kimberly

Lauren Wade is getting married in two weeks!! We hosted a kitchen shower the other day to celebrate the bride!

The Hostesses:
Dental School girls- We are all Dentists now but we will forever be bonded by the horror of those four years in school- haha!
Another Mexican Night with Dental School Friends to Celebrate and Lauren and Lindsey's Birthday!

Virginia and I at the Parlor Market BBQ night a few weeks ago. She has recently found out that she will be having a little baby girl in March!!!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

For the love of Family!

Last weekend I enjoyed a night out with girls at Melanie's house to watch Bridesmaids sooo much fun! On saturday we headed down to oxford-got up at 6:00 to be able to get ready and get on the road to make it to the 11:30 game. I did feel like a traitor just because my first football game to attend this year was at Ole Miss, but it was all for the love of family. My moms two sisters and their families game down to support Georgia and we all enjoyed the Blossom's tailgate- it was just a beautiful day!
Bo and Adam

Me and Carlyle

Drew, Collette, and I

My mom, aunt amy, and I

Me and "Little Bo"

Somebodies pet goat that hangs out at their tailgate. They said it plays like a dog and acts like a cat-???????????????????????

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spending time in the Storm

This Labor Day weekend we spent it with Tropical Storm Lee right outside our window. The Baxters had planned a weekend we could all be together at the beach and despite the storm we had the best time. We got some good family pics one night before we went out and braved the storm. There were actually a few hours on sunday that we sat on the beach and it looks like we got sun but I think mine was more wind burn than anything. I love being a part of the Baxter family!!!
Me and my wonderful mother in law! The Girls- usually its just me and Mrs. Becky on the girl team but Brent brought his girlfriend Sidney who I hung out with for the first time and enjoyed every minute of it. She is a junior at Ole Miss and it made me feel old and it made me miss those care free days- the real world is not all its cut out to be at times- haha- who wants to have dinner conversations about bills and insurances etc. but that just comes with age!!

Me and my wonderful husband that I have all those real world conversations with mentioned earlier but we also have so much fun together.

These crazy boys actually went and played golf in the four hour no rain break with winds like crazy- they love it that much!!

Dinner at our favorite place to eat with the Baxters- Grazi!!! so good- they have this roasted garlic bread dip that they make at your table soooo good. Here is a pic of my seafood pizza!

Emily dont hate me but I went to Hobby Lobby and tried to mimic the wreaths that you are selling at your store in New Albany. I really enjoyed it and have never really done a wreath before. I only spent 25$!!!!

Also when I was outside on the porch with all the guys watching football I decided to paint some wood saying fall and used beer bottle caps to make pumpkins- haha!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Work Hard and try to play Hard

I have been meaning to blog for awhile now. I look at other peoples blogs during my rare down time at work, but have been honestly too tired at night to even upload my pictures or use brain power to write just a few words.
I have officially been working for 7 weeks now and so am still getting adjusted. It is sooo much better than school but it's just a whole new tired!
After about the first week of work, all the dental school girls still living in this area all went out to eat- so fun to all talk about the "working" world.This summer has gone by fast and I feel like I have taken NO pictures. Bo clerked at a law firm in downtown jackson for the last six weeks of summer and so they have been entertaining us more than once a week and on the weekends with really fun events. Sad thing is that I usually get home at 6 and have 30 minutes to spruce of my ponytail and put on a dress and go, but it has been fun! I am so proud of Bo and how hard he has worked in school, but now I am ready for him to be done- haha- two more years!A weekend and lake getaway was planned in Birminham. It was great- got to even hang out with one of my favorite friends Sara Beth Parks Cobb while there admist her neverending busy life- that girl never slows down for those that know her-haha! We stayed one night at Lake Martin and had a great day on the lake!The very next weekend I went for a quick annual college girls beach trip to Gulf Shores. Even though I was only there really one full day it was so worth it! We went to see the 10:30 showing of The Help on friday night when I arrived- sooo good. The next day was all beach and a good dinner at Lulu's and then sunday was a fun road trip with my friend Jenny- that girl has known me for a long time- probably knows TOO much about me- haha!Another fun outing with dental school girls, or doctas, at Fusion-thai and sushi place- really good!-for Loan's birthday- she will be leaving soon to practice in Texas. So weird how I spend four years with the same 35 people and then we all just disperse. Bo' s parents also came down in the past month and once again Mr. Jimmy has worked his magic and talent and built us this new swing for our backyard- how beautiful is this! Can't wait to use it this fall when you can actually go outside!!