Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sara Beths Bachlorette Party!!!!!

I absolutely love bachlorette parties because they are the perfect excuse to have much needed girl time!!! Saturday Lauren and I drove to Tuscaloosa and talked about our husbands of course- Lauren has been married for 2 months! We drove straight to the Chuck's Fish where we had a private party room decorated in pink and bling- we each had a huge diamond ring to wear all night. We had dare cards at each of our places, so Sara Beth got to do some fun things during our dinner.
We surprised her by watching the Miss America Pageant in the party room- she was so scared she would miss it! There is nothing more that I love more than pagaents and girl drama like on the Bachelor- my favorite show- don't hate!!! After a late night at the restaurant we headed to Rebecca's cabin- it was awesome and had a bed for everyone!!! We had plenty of fun doing lingerie and funny games!!! It was such a fun night and I am so excited for Sara Beth to become Mrs. Cobb in three weeks!!!
Friday Night we ate with our new friends Will and Haley Morgan and Trey and Virginia Carter (Virginia is my new bachelor obsessed friend) Will and Trey are in Bo's Law school class!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Best Year Ever- here you come!!!

2011!!!! I thought that it would NEVER come! I used to tell BO, "It is going to be 2011 before I graduate- can you believe that?", but here it is!!!!! I feel like this year is going to be full of changes and new things, but I am ready!
Recapping on Christmas:
The annual Baxter/Cooper Christmas consisting of a meal, exchanging gifts and playing games!

Annual college Christmas Party usually consisting of exchanging gifts but this year we had two special events to celebrate among our friends so it became McLeod's baby shower and an Ornament shower for Sara Beth!!!! This was a family dinner at my Mom and Adam's house where my mom makes one of her amazing meals, this is also the day that I found out that I passed my National Boards Part II! My sweet friend Kerri in dental school was sweet enough to drive over to my house and open my letter to tell me my score so that I would not have to wait another week till I got home- longest 20 minutes of my life waiting on her to get there!!
My Aunt and Uncle Amy and Benjamin Blossom have been hosting an Annual Christmas Vacation themed party in Jackson every here but now since they are in Tupelo they started the tradition here too. Note the picture of Benjamin of cousin Eddy. We attended the party and then went to see "Little Fockers"- hilarious!!
This is Bo's cousin's little boy Ridge. They made him a train- how awesome is that!!Reindeer Cupcakes I made!Tupelo had a white Christmas- It was magical. We woke up on Christmas morning to inches of SNOW!!!!!! Oh, to be 12 years old again!One of Drew's Christmas presents- used for hunting- crazy!
Christmas Hay Ride blaring Christmas music around the Blossom's neighborhood!Bo and Carlyle Blossom's Christmas gift- Indy!Murray and Charlotte love vacation- here is Murray doing what he does best and my moms dog Mya!
New Years at the beach with Kerri and Jonathan (Best Friends Ever), Bonnie and Paul, and Matthew and Katherine!!!! This is our second New Years trip and it was a blast- Bonnie always brings our New Years Gear!!!! Fun night at the Florabama- no place on earth like it!