Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yee Haw!

Look how cute mcleod's little belly is!!
I have been counting down the days till Bo and I would head to Sugarland, TX to visit my favorite person ever, McLeod and Jason, and there little one on the way!!!! We flew over there, just a quick 1 hour flight, and I waited anxiously for Mcleod and Jason to pick us up from the airport!!!!! I got so excited to see Mcleods super cute baby belly and the talking non stop began from the moment I saw her!!! I could not wait to give future baby girl her happy from her aunt lane!! Thank goodness Bo and Jason can entertain themselves because Mcleod and I talked babies, etc. non stop!
We ate at the best mexican restaurant ever, Lupe's, there tortillas were so paper thin and were sooooo good!!!! We hung out at the apartment that night.

The next day mcleod and I took a long walk and then went shopping for our friend Lauren. We ate a good lunch and as I ordered my food the waiter asked where I was from- did not realize I had that much of a southern accent???? We headed to Houston late that afternoon for the Houston/MSU game! I had so much fun because we had good seats that I could actually see and understand what was going on- It was a good game and I got really into it!!! It was fun to watch the Dawgs play while visiting our friends in Texas!

The next day mcleod and I went shopping again and went to get yogurt while the boys watched non stop football. I was soooo sad to leave but will get to see them soon at Lauren's wedding! I am so blessed by these friends and love every minute I spend with them!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

"I DO"

This weekend another one of my sweet friends says, "I DO." It was a beautiful wedding outside in God's beautiful creation. Even though it has not rained in weeks, on the day of her wedding we woke up to rain, but God just gave us a shower and cooled off the day for us. It was perfect! Here is the field that she got married in and the archway thingy that her dad handmade that will be a permanent fixture in the owner's field!

I was an honorary bridesmaid and so honored to be so!!!!! I DO love seeing friends that I do not get to see very often. Weddings are often times meeting places for best friends!

I DO love seeing the bride all dressed up and seeing what wedding dress she picked, flowers she chose, etc.!! Emily looked absolutely beautiful!! She was so calm and enjoying every minute up until the wedding. Clay, her fiance, did not see her until the wedding and he was amazed!!
"I DO" love looking forward to another wedding- Lauren Shideler- November 6th!!
"I DO" love rehearsal dinners, good food, and listening to others toast- I am not a good toaster at all!! Emily's rehearsal dinner was on the roof top of Park Heights! So fun!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well, I had the LSU experience! During college, I never went to any away games so I was excited. We went with Trey and Virginia Carter, Trey is in Bo's law school class, who are LSU fans! Mississippi State fans don't be dissappointed in me, but I wore very neutral colors to this game because I was with LSU fans and would be sitting amongst them- no offense trey and virginia but LSU fans are hard core and just didn't want any ridicule- haha! Just some random facts about the game: The LSU stadium is the second largest in the SEC and there were 92,000 people at the game- 92,000!!!!!! I also loved that they had a real tiger, Mike the Tiger VI, that lives on campus and parades around!! Notice, I'm not saying anything about the score of the game because that was really disappointing but I had so much fun- thanks trey and virginia!

I HAD to drink this LSU water just to survive the heat- I have never sweated so much!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Beach to Beach

Bo and I have been so blessed to travel the past two weekends to two different beaches! 2 weeks ago I flew to Tampa, FL to meet Bo, who was working there, to spend Wednesday to Sunday with three of Bo's best college friends and their wives and girlfriends! I had never been to that part of Florida and I was in for a treat- thanks to such great hosts!
The first night Jimmy and Lauren St.Louis hosted dinner at their new house. As soon as those boys got together the reminiscing of the college days started so the girls got accquainted. The next day we hung out and then went out to eat at Bungalow- sooo good!! Here are all the couples:
Clint and Julie
Tyler and Lori

Jimmy and Lauren

Us!!The next day we headed to the beach. One thing that is different than the beaches I have been too is how wide the beach is- there is so much sand! We had great weather the whole time but it was HOT!! We ate at a restaurant on the beach before dragging all of our bags, coolers, etc. that you need for the beach- why is it that you need so much stuff??
The Dudes
After awhile we were all looking out at the bannana boats cruising the ocean and then everyone had the bright idea to ride one- so........

Im getting my nights before, but one night we hung out at Jimmy and Laurens house playing games, watching youtube videos, etc., and the next night we took a trolley to the Ybor district
and ate authentic greek food at Acropolus (probably spelled wrong- julie is an editor and I am not a good writer- oh no)

Belly Dancers at the Greek place!!!
I have so many fun memories from this trip and I am not the best writer so hopefullly the pictures will show all the fun we had! Thanks Jimmy, Lauren, Clint, and Julie for being such great hosts- hope to see ya'll soon !!

I headed back to school for three days and then we headed to Orange Beach with Jonathan and Kerri for another fun time at Jonathan's parents house on Ono Island!! Here are Mrs. Joni's two cute dogs, Bo with Butch-hilarious and Annie!

This Jeep is so awesome. Jonathan's dad bought it in 1974. I really wanted to ride in it so we went to the grocery store in it but soon realized there is not much room for things we bought but we made it- I just love it- and it's blue- how cool!

We took the boat out to an island to enjoy the HOT sun! There is nothing more wonderful than a boat ride- all your cares just fly away!

We took these pice while eating great hamburgers by Jonathan and realized they looked at date pics-haha!
Sugarland was playing at the Wharf on Friday night. We headed down there and listened to great music and danced!!

On Sat. we took the boat out to a hamburger dive called Pirates Cove. It was unbelievable. There are boats, people, kids, dogs everywhere! You order a hamburger and you wait and wait till some girl screams your name at the top of her lungs and then she lays that burger down and it was worth the wait!! This huge Bull Mastiff dog was just laying around- he is HUGE!!!
Jonathan and Kerri and the Davis'- thank you for so many great memories shared with ya'll!