Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girls on the Beach!

This weekend I headed to the beach with Lauren and Aimee to all meet for Emily's bachlorette party! There were 13 girls and we all stayed in the same condo- it was so much fun!!!!
We got there on friday night and all headed to eat at the Crab Trap! I had crab cakes- that is usually the dish I always get at most seafood places- yummmy!!
We all headed back to the condo to shower emily with some "gifts"!! Darden made this adorable cake! Here is the bride to be with her cake!! We were so worried that it was going to rain on saturday- our only day at the beach, but the forcast was perfect- no rain, not too hot, but sunny enough to get a little color- I finished a book and just tried to forget about all my worries as I stared out into the ocean!That night we headed to baytown wharf to eat at Grafitti- I feel sorry for all the random people that have to take pictures of all of us girls!
My favorite part of the weekend was just sitting around laughing and talking about old memories- love yall girls!!
Emily you will be a beautiful bride and I am so glad we were all able to get together and celebrate!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer is flying by!!!!!!!

My picture is dark, but this is a picture of the hot springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We were invited there this past weekend to a lake house by Anthony and Julia Hall, a couple we met in our sunday school class. I absolutely love Hot Springs and would definately would make a trip back! The springs come out hot from the mountain- so hot that you can not even hold your finger in there for a few seconds. Downtown there are beautiful bath houses that people came to along time ago because of the thought that the springs had healing power- so cool!!

The lake was sooo beautiful and we had great weather!

Bo, Art and Emily Smith.Anthony, Julia, Bo, and I- Julia is expecting a baby in Jan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will be such fun parents!!
There seriously is nothing better than waking up, eating a good breakfast, spending the whole day on the water, and having a great supper- oh and the best margaritas ever- have a great recipe that melanie gave me!!!On Saturday we did one of my favorite things ever- got a massage at an awesome spa downtown- there is nothing better than an hour of pampering!

Saturday night we ate at the best restaurant downtown called Rolandos-its like brazillian food and it was so colorful and sooo good- if you get the chance you should go! We sat on the porch with music in the background- another perfect moment!
Me, Melanie, Emily, Julia, and Linda- All the girls!
Look how colorful my food is!
Thanks Anthony and Julia- we had a wonderful perfect weekend!!


For our anniversary I cooked some recipes I have been wanting to try- stuffed squash- so delicious and very pretty I think- you eat the whole thing, potato balls- also very good and fun to eat- they have flour and eggs that make them puffy!!


One of my favorite plants- sweet potato plant- it just grows and grows and grows. For those of you who have not been in my back yard- we had this old porcelain bathtub that was incredibly heavy that we could not move, so we painted it and now its a huge flower pot- i plant sweet potato plant in there every year and it justs gets bigger and bigger!

It started way smaller than this but this was about after a month or so....... then......

its just growing up the wall- now its even more on the wall- so fun- I love plants!!!!