Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 3, 4, and 5th of July!

I was so needing a break from school so thank goodness for the long weekend for Independence Day! Bo and I, and murray, made the long journey (71/2) hours to my aunt Brandy's house on Lake Blue Ridge in Georgia to spend the weekend. It was perfect! It is so rare for my whole family to be together these days since we are all so busy- drew in college and always gone on extreme adventures- tucker- about to be a senior in highschool- and me in school, etc.
Here are some pics from my great weekend:
My adorable cousin Hudson.........
My other adorable cousin Hayden....
My brother Drew and Hayden
Drew and Me

Me and Murray!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and Hudson...

Drew and Hayden Kayaking!

Me with murray in his life jacket- dont't want him to drown- my dog can't swim-haha!
Murray enjoying himself- He loves Beer!!
Drew took us kayaking down the Hiwassee River- prob spelled wrong drew- Bo took a little fall!

Murray did not kayak but he canoed!

Me and tucker- my youngest but much taller brother!
Me and Bo on the long way home to get back to the normal daily life!

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