Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This past week we had a break from school before the big fall semester begins. There is no greater feeeling than walking out of school knowing you do not have to come back for a week but there is always the return that is not so great, but...... Bo and I headed to T-town (tupelo for those who do not know the lingo) for Bo to play in the Tupelo Country Club golf tournament- he loves golf so much and is actually in Minnesota for the PGA tournament where he is hoping that Tiger Woods will pick him out of the thousands of people for an autograph. He is with my mom, brother tucker, and my grandfather! After the golf tournament we went on a mini vacation to Nashville, TN. The hounds stayed with their grandparents, Bo's parents, while we got to just hang out in Nashville. It was the best vacation for me not to have to clean, worry about the dogs, etc. I slept late, read, and layed out everyday till Bo got back from work so we could go out to eat and shop around.

My camera was dead most of the time but I did get a picture of the Pancake Pantry. My friend, Catherine Sledge, told us that one of her friends said this was the best place ever! It is called a Nashville tradition and well worth the wait that was all the way down the street. The best pancakes I have ever had we think because of their homemade syrup. Moral of the story if you go to Nashville- EAT HERE!!!!
When we got back from Nashville I headed to my grandmothers lake house for our annual college reunion with all my bestest college friends minus a few who could not attend- did not have my camera so will post about all my friends when they email the pics!!!!!Posted by Picasa


  1. I LOVE the Pancake Pantry! I actually bought a t-shirt when I ate there. ha!

  2. Hey Lane! Please tell Bo that Johnny and I have been praying for Mr. Jimmy. I hope he has a quick recovery!! :)