Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer is flying by!!!!!!!

My picture is dark, but this is a picture of the hot springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We were invited there this past weekend to a lake house by Anthony and Julia Hall, a couple we met in our sunday school class. I absolutely love Hot Springs and would definately would make a trip back! The springs come out hot from the mountain- so hot that you can not even hold your finger in there for a few seconds. Downtown there are beautiful bath houses that people came to along time ago because of the thought that the springs had healing power- so cool!!

The lake was sooo beautiful and we had great weather!

Bo, Art and Emily Smith.Anthony, Julia, Bo, and I- Julia is expecting a baby in Jan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will be such fun parents!!
There seriously is nothing better than waking up, eating a good breakfast, spending the whole day on the water, and having a great supper- oh and the best margaritas ever- have a great recipe that melanie gave me!!!On Saturday we did one of my favorite things ever- got a massage at an awesome spa downtown- there is nothing better than an hour of pampering!

Saturday night we ate at the best restaurant downtown called Rolandos-its like brazillian food and it was so colorful and sooo good- if you get the chance you should go! We sat on the porch with music in the background- another perfect moment!
Me, Melanie, Emily, Julia, and Linda- All the girls!
Look how colorful my food is!
Thanks Anthony and Julia- we had a wonderful perfect weekend!!


For our anniversary I cooked some recipes I have been wanting to try- stuffed squash- so delicious and very pretty I think- you eat the whole thing, potato balls- also very good and fun to eat- they have flour and eggs that make them puffy!!


One of my favorite plants- sweet potato plant- it just grows and grows and grows. For those of you who have not been in my back yard- we had this old porcelain bathtub that was incredibly heavy that we could not move, so we painted it and now its a huge flower pot- i plant sweet potato plant in there every year and it justs gets bigger and bigger!

It started way smaller than this but this was about after a month or so....... then......

its just growing up the wall- now its even more on the wall- so fun- I love plants!!!!

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