Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well, I had the LSU experience! During college, I never went to any away games so I was excited. We went with Trey and Virginia Carter, Trey is in Bo's law school class, who are LSU fans! Mississippi State fans don't be dissappointed in me, but I wore very neutral colors to this game because I was with LSU fans and would be sitting amongst them- no offense trey and virginia but LSU fans are hard core and just didn't want any ridicule- haha! Just some random facts about the game: The LSU stadium is the second largest in the SEC and there were 92,000 people at the game- 92,000!!!!!! I also loved that they had a real tiger, Mike the Tiger VI, that lives on campus and parades around!! Notice, I'm not saying anything about the score of the game because that was really disappointing but I had so much fun- thanks trey and virginia!

I HAD to drink this LSU water just to survive the heat- I have never sweated so much!!

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