Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yee Haw!

Look how cute mcleod's little belly is!!
I have been counting down the days till Bo and I would head to Sugarland, TX to visit my favorite person ever, McLeod and Jason, and there little one on the way!!!! We flew over there, just a quick 1 hour flight, and I waited anxiously for Mcleod and Jason to pick us up from the airport!!!!! I got so excited to see Mcleods super cute baby belly and the talking non stop began from the moment I saw her!!! I could not wait to give future baby girl her happy from her aunt lane!! Thank goodness Bo and Jason can entertain themselves because Mcleod and I talked babies, etc. non stop!
We ate at the best mexican restaurant ever, Lupe's, there tortillas were so paper thin and were sooooo good!!!! We hung out at the apartment that night.

The next day mcleod and I took a long walk and then went shopping for our friend Lauren. We ate a good lunch and as I ordered my food the waiter asked where I was from- did not realize I had that much of a southern accent???? We headed to Houston late that afternoon for the Houston/MSU game! I had so much fun because we had good seats that I could actually see and understand what was going on- It was a good game and I got really into it!!! It was fun to watch the Dawgs play while visiting our friends in Texas!

The next day mcleod and I went shopping again and went to get yogurt while the boys watched non stop football. I was soooo sad to leave but will get to see them soon at Lauren's wedding! I am so blessed by these friends and love every minute I spend with them!!!!


  1. Lane, you are so adorable! We loved having y'all out here, and I LOVED all our talks :) Thanks for not putting the really ugly pictures up ha ha!

  2. Lane, we ate at Lupe's on Friday night, too!! How crazy is that? We were in Houston visiting Kyle's family and we ate at Lupe Tortilla (our FAVORITE ever!) on Friday night. I would have been so excited if I had run into you and Mcleod there! We were at the game on Saturday night, too. I wish I had seen you!!