Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A picture update

Well, I have to say that I have been meaning to post all my Christmas and New Year's pics but I read all my friends blogs and they are all such good writers that I kinda get down on my blogging skills, mostly I do pics and explanations so here they are....... and i just got back my camera- i left my camera in tupelo so these are from the holidays......

The day I got out for Christmas break Bo and I took a trip to New Orleans for the weekend...

We stayed at The Roosevelt Hotel which was so beautiful and decorated so festive! The first thing that I did when we got into the hotel room was open the mini bar and saw a jar of jelly beans- which I love so much so...I reached to grab them and Bo shouted out, "NOOOOO!" and I was like, "What??" I had no idea that once you picked something up it automatically charges your room no matter if you put it back where it was so... we owed 12 DOLLARS for a SMALL jar of jelly beans! But, they were good!

We walked around the French Quarter!

We did a few quarter slots at the big casino but I can't stand losing money!

We had breakfast at Cafe Du Monde!

We went to the aquarium!!

We ate at the Napoleon House, Nacho Mamas on Magazine St., this was our dessert at the Sazerac Restaurant in our hotel!Mr. Jimmy and Charlotte!

Grandaddy, Me, Lollie, and BoAnnual College Christmas Swap!

A few days after Christmas we went to Mountainview, Arkansas with two of our best friends, McLeod and Jason. The cabin was Jason's grandmother's and it was the perfect getaway- his grandmother's rule is no T.V. so we played games, laughed, cooked, went to the little mountain town and made the best memories!

Trying the chilli!

We cooked Ebble Skivers- they are so fun and neat- they originated in some other country- can't think of it- anyway you can fill these little pancakes with anything- vanilla cream, strawberries, jelly, or we used sausage- so good with syrup!!!

In the town of Mountainview- we ate at an old soda shop and walked in all the antique shops- i found an old Julia Child's cookbook!

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  1. We stayed at the Roosevelt for New Years Eve! It was still decorated and so beautiful! :) Hope y'all are doing well!