Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Christmas Things

Just the fact that the month is December makes me so so happy! I am especially happy right now because I finished my last group of tests for awhile!!!!!! Bo thought something was wrong with me because I was walking around smiling and singing for no reason at all and it is because I was so sick of studying I thought I might die if I had to do it for one more day- not really, but.... I don't talk about school much on my blog because I rather talk about happy things such as......

My three Favorite Christmas Ornaments this year! A tooth of course, a bassett hound because I buy every bassett hound ornament I see, and a piece of strawberry cake from the Belhaven Garden Club ornament swap!

The Belhaven Singing Christmas Tree! It is the 77th annual singing tree and is recognized as the oldest live singing christmas tree in America. This is the second year that Bo, Kerri, Jonathan, and I have gone- it just puts you in the christmas spirit- we bundled up and took hot apple cider! It is at the soccer field at Belhaven and you have to go down a big hill to get down there and Jonathan had trouble coming back up the hill!!!!

My Mantle and of course my Bassett Hound stocking!!!

30 people from our Sunday School Class all went to Sal and Mookies for a Christmas get together so fun- we were supposed to dress christmasy- I found these five dollar t-shirts at WalMart with a huge santa head that says Believe- hilarious!!!


  1. Lane, don't tell me you're in the Garden club???!!!! I'm so jealous!

    Your decorations look lovely! I have always wanted to see the singing Christmas tree-it looks like so much fun! Can't wait to see you soon!!!!

  2. Your house looks so cute!!!! Love the decorations and am so glad you will be getting a break soon.Ms Becky said this

  3. I just LOVE all your bassett hound Christmas decorations! :) too cute. I have a load of Dachshund ornaments and stuff too. ha! Hope you and Bo are doing well! Maybe we'll run in to each other over Christmas in Tupelo.