Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reason to Celebrate!

This weekend we had a little BBQ on the porch party to get together with my cousins in Madison and to celebrate my brother Tucker's and my cousin Katelyn's high school graduation! 2010! That is so crazy to graduate in 2010- i graduated 7 years ago and it really is such an exciting time- you just have so many things ahead of you to get excited about- college, careers, marriage, etc, but one thing I do regret which i think is how most young people feel is that you are always ready for the next thing- ready to graduate high school, ready to go to college, to graduate college, to get married, etc. and the list goes on..... so words of advise-"Don't rush your life, it comes quick enough!"
Tucker and Katelyn are my grandparents last grand children to graduate high school so I'm glad we could celebrate and they could be here! I am so proud of my little brother Tucker- he will be going to State this Fall and has received numerous scholarships to pay for his college, he is extremely talented, but above all he is a good person who loves the Lord and I am privileged to call him my brother!- my little bragging moment on my brother!

Lollie, Grandaddy, and I......

The Graduates- Tucker and Katelyn.......

Lorin and Me!!
Last weekend we went to the Cock of the Walk with Taylor and Catherine Sledge- we went by boat and I honestly felt like we were at the beach!!

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