Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beaches and Brothers

This past week was my official one week off between my third year and my FINAL year of dental school- I am now in my fourth year and can not believe it- I always say the years have gone by fast but the days go by REALLY slow-haha. This next year Bo and I will both be in school since Bo starts Law School at Mississippi College in August so it should be interesting!!!!

Bo and I headed to the beach for a few days and enjoyed just sitting in beach chairs and looking into the non oily beach!!! It is so good just to get away for a little while and breath!!The next weekend we went to Tupelo to celebrate Drew's 21st birthday and Tucker's High School Graduation- I am so proud of my little (tall) brother!- It was seven years ago that I was graduating and it goes by soooo fast. I am so proud of both my brothers and am so glad that I got to spend time with them and some extended family too!!!
Me and Olivia!!Me and the Brothers!!Me, Olivia, and Harper!!Me, Olivia, Harper, and Hudson!!!Me and Gigi!!Me and Drew!!Me and Tucker!!Me and the hubby!!

Tucker and Aunt Amy and Aunt Brandy and Aunt Leigh Ann!!

Me and Ross with our brothers, Tucker and Steven who are best friends- Ross and I graduated 7 years ago!!!

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  1. Congratulations to Tucker!!! He has grown so tall!!!!! You have such a precious family, Lane! I miss you so much and am so glad to see you smiling and having lots of fun, but I sure wish I could be there with you! love, cloudy