Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last Spring Break Ever!!!!

Bo said if I say "This is my last spring break ever" one more time he is going to scream because I have had a spring break for so long, but......... this is my last spring break ever!!!! Bo and I were soo blessed to be able to spend the entire week at the beach with the absolute best weather ever for spring break- not one day of rain and warm and sunny!!!

We headed to Seaside, FL to spend time with my mom and her sister and family who live there. We had the best time ever! I was sad to miss my brothers ( who were hiking like 20 miles with friends in virginia) and Adam. They came the day we left to go to Orange Beach with our beach buds, Kerri and Jonathan, who continue to allow us to stay at their beautiful beach house and make so many memories!! Also, my camera broke while in seaside so had to get one on the way to orange beach- I have to have a camera!!!!!This will be the second birthday for Bo and Jonathan that we have been on the beach! Jonathan's birthday is March 15th and Bo's is March 16th!!!
Here is us at Tacky Jacks our first night in- Tacky Jacks is a must on every trip!!!

Had to make our appearance at the Florabama for St. Patrick's Day!!!!

For our husband's birthdays we got tickets to the Zac Brown Band and it was awesome!!! It was the best venue ever!! They are soooooooooooooooooo good in concert! I absolutely love their music!!! And Yes, Kerri and I seriously bought the exact same dresses for the concert- she showed me her dress when we got to the beach and I was like NO WAY- we even got them in two different stores- and Yes I got my hair colored- but it washes out in 36 watches completely back to normal- just needed a little change!

Now these were fun on the ocean- riding to go get snacks and frozen drinks is AMAZING!!!!!

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