Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Even though it comes with some trouble, I love living in an older home in an older neighborhood and continually updating and improving our house! I am so thankful that I have a father in law that is so gifted with just about everything, but especially anything to do with woodwork, gardens, and cooking! Bo needs to be learning- haha!! Mr. Jimmy has done so much to our house and it looks sooo good. Our recent living room renovation started with a new couch from my mom and adam for christmas, a new rug, recovered ottoman and chair, and now our new built in bookshelf, entertainment center, etc.

Mr. Jimmy brought the built in that he and bo designed in pieces already painted and with a little unexpected work put it in and it looks great! I love it!!Me, Mrs.Becky, and Bo's grandmother, Grandy, pretty much just sat outside, enjoyed the weather, and talked while the boys worked inside- so fun!!
This is a wine bottle candelabra that I got for christmans and love- you just put it is any empty wine bottle.

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