Monday, May 30, 2011

Four very loooooong years, but I made it!!!

I still remember the summer before dental school, I graduated from MS State and got married and would always say with a bubbly voice, "I'm going to Dental School." to everyone who asked. Little did I know that it would be the most challenging, stressful, yet rewarding accomplishment I have ever done! There is no way I could have made it with the constant support and love from my family, friends, Bo, or my bassett hounds! I can't express how glad that I "survived" the past four years, but in reality I am very excited about my future career and pray that God will continue to show me the ministry that I am meant to have.
I am so blessed that 25 members, yes 25, came from many states to support me and watch me graduate! Here are pictures of most of them! Friday night I entertained 20 of them on my back porch for the perfect ending to one of the best days ever! Thank you all for everything!

My Family: My aunt Leigh Ann and cousin Wyatt Dauler:My brother Drew:My awesome husband:My "little" brother tuck:

My aunt Brandy and cousin Harper Lynch:My aunt Amy and cousins Olivia and Luke Ligas:
Long time friend Ross Stone:Dental School Friends that I will miss seeing EVERY SINGLE DAY for four years! Catherine Sledge, Kerri Davis, and Lauren Wade!The best in laws ever!More dental school friends!Me and Heidi Frazier!

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