Monday, November 28, 2011


Well, pictures are in random order and it takes me for ever to rearrange them because there must be a faster way but..... either way I am thankful for each picture and for the past couple of weeks.
Murray and Charlotte "on vacation" in tupelo- they love going on vacation and they love each other!!! Each year we still have the family tradition where my mom let's us "kids" pick out an ornament. I love my ornament it looks like a little red bird just landed on a tree in the forest!!

Me and my "little brother" tucker picking out our ornaments.

Bo and I about to eat our thanksgiving dinner at the farm with the fam.

The food!
Me, mom, and the newest addition- Charlie Blossom!!!
Me, Amy, and Charlie.

Me, Leigh Ann, and Charlie.
Me, Will, and Charlie.
Me and little Charlie.

Bo and I at Babalu celebrating Catherines Bday!

Happy Birthday Catherine!
One last night on the porch before the cold comes in!!!
Me and Virginia.

Will and Millie.Another night out with the Dental School girls!Bo and I at Lauren and Alston's Wedding.Sara Beth and I at the wedding.

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