Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall is here!!!!! Enjoying the weather!!
Virginia, Me, and Celeste after a law school hang out this past friday night.

Mexican Night with the Clelands.

The boys on one side of table- Drew, Andrew, and Bo.

The Girls on the other side:

Me, Molly, and Kimberly

Lauren Wade is getting married in two weeks!! We hosted a kitchen shower the other day to celebrate the bride!

The Hostesses:
Dental School girls- We are all Dentists now but we will forever be bonded by the horror of those four years in school- haha!
Another Mexican Night with Dental School Friends to Celebrate and Lauren and Lindsey's Birthday!

Virginia and I at the Parlor Market BBQ night a few weeks ago. She has recently found out that she will be having a little baby girl in March!!!!!

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