Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

I absolutely love our little house in Belhaven and actually am not ready to leave it anytime soon! It is fun to have a house that we can always make improvements too and it is so great to have a father- in- law that can do any project imaginable. I have always loved the Mexican tile in our kitchen but the cabinets and cracks in the wall were not so fun to look at! The cabinets were seriously plain pieces of plywood with some brass and some silver knobs and there was painted linoleum on half the wall- no character at all!!!! Bo's dad hand made beautiful cabinets with so much more detail that just dramatically changed our whole kitchen. My mom came one weekend and we went through about 5 cans of sample color of paints before we decided on a brown called "cork board". We painted all the brown on the walls and even painted the ceiling a mint green. Let me just tell you that this kitchen is small but people have always told me that smaller rooms are harder to paint because of all the nooks and crannies- and boy is that true- i actually hate paint brushes right now and still have not scraped all the paint off the kitchen floor from me being lazy! The kitchen turned out absolutely beautiful! It is so fresh and clean and has an updated look! We hope to in the future to update to stainless steel appliances but for now I love my stove from who knows what decade and my refrigerator that makes a different noise every hour! Thanks Mr. Jimmy for all your hard work and time put in to making our kitchen so beautiful! BEFORE


We put wood paneling over the existing linoleom behind the stove- sooo much better!


  1. we are moving back to Tupelo in May. I have to do a year of rotations, and I am going to do them in Northeast MS. Do you know where y'all will end up?

    Bo came by our tent Saturday for a little while. Keri and Jonathan were also there. Wish you could have been there too. :)

    LOVE the kitchen remodel. Looks so good. I bet that was a big project!

  2. Lane, the kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait see it in person!