Friday, July 1, 2011

My break before entering "Reality"

When I say "reality" I mean the "Real World" which is what all my dental school friends would joke about meaning everyday work and grind, which I know I will soon learn is that not all that it is cut out to be, but it is time! I start work on July 5th! For those of ya'll that do not know, I will be doing public health dentistry at Family Health Care Clinic in Raleigh, MS. We will still be living in our house in Jackson and I will be commuting everyday about 50 miles. Bo still has two more years of law school and he only has about a 3 minute commute downtown for his school, so for those who know me well, please pray for me and this commute- I know people do it everyday but this is the one thing I'm most worried about. We still have the BIG decision on where to live after two years so my job is perfect because you sign a two year contract and get loan repayment and a great salary! I really am excited about my job and God using me in His ministry!
I have had an amazing few weeks off just to enjoy family and friends and resting- been so nice!I spent about a total of 2 1/2 weeks in Tupelo while Bo was there doing his clerkship, eating good, going to the pool, etc. My brothers are in Montana and Colorado so sadly did not get to see much of them. Bo and I went on a quick trip to Mobile, AL to use a free hotel room and to get out of town for a 4 year anniversary!Sushi Night with Virginia and Heidi- we have been going around and eating all the sushi restaurants in Jackson- this is at the new one in Fondren- Fatsuymo's- very good!We went on our 2nd Annual trip to Hot Spring, AR with Anthony and Julia and Emily and Art, we missed the others that could not make it! Hot Springs is such a neat place- the downtown is so interesting with the Bath Houses where people used to come and bathe in the hot springs for their supposed healing powers. The Bath Houses are absolutely beautiful- I toured one and would love to get a treatment at a newly renovated one next time. The lake house is so great and we always have so much time making dips, floating in the water, boat riding, and eating great dinners. Thanks so much to our friend for inviting us!Emily and baby avery on the way!!!! Last time we were here julia was 14 weeks pregnant and now he is 6 months old- crazy how time flies!Our favorite place to eat in downtown Hot Springs is Rolando's. It is latin food and sooooooo good. They have an awesome porch that we ate on last year but it was packed out, but still oh soo good!I take a picture every year of our food because it is so beautiful and colorful!We always take boat rides around the lake and just are amazed at the homes we see! Even though these are amazing- Anthony and Julia's lake house is beyond perfect! This lake even made southern living this month!Just being silly!

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