Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spending time in the Storm

This Labor Day weekend we spent it with Tropical Storm Lee right outside our window. The Baxters had planned a weekend we could all be together at the beach and despite the storm we had the best time. We got some good family pics one night before we went out and braved the storm. There were actually a few hours on sunday that we sat on the beach and it looks like we got sun but I think mine was more wind burn than anything. I love being a part of the Baxter family!!!
Me and my wonderful mother in law! The Girls- usually its just me and Mrs. Becky on the girl team but Brent brought his girlfriend Sidney who I hung out with for the first time and enjoyed every minute of it. She is a junior at Ole Miss and it made me feel old and it made me miss those care free days- the real world is not all its cut out to be at times- haha- who wants to have dinner conversations about bills and insurances etc. but that just comes with age!!

Me and my wonderful husband that I have all those real world conversations with mentioned earlier but we also have so much fun together.

These crazy boys actually went and played golf in the four hour no rain break with winds like crazy- they love it that much!!

Dinner at our favorite place to eat with the Baxters- Grazi!!! so good- they have this roasted garlic bread dip that they make at your table soooo good. Here is a pic of my seafood pizza!

Emily dont hate me but I went to Hobby Lobby and tried to mimic the wreaths that you are selling at your store in New Albany. I really enjoyed it and have never really done a wreath before. I only spent 25$!!!!

Also when I was outside on the porch with all the guys watching football I decided to paint some wood saying fall and used beer bottle caps to make pumpkins- haha!

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