Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Three Sweet Little Ladies

This week God blessed me with the three sweetest little ladies as my first three patients. They all showed up- which is so great because that is one of the main issues with the patients at the school so that was a blessing in itself!

Lady #1- This sweet lady told me her teeth were just falling out.... so hopefully I am going to be able to help her! Her sweet son brings her to all her appointments so hopefully she will always be able to come- I see her on monday for x-rays!

Lady #2- This sweet lady had 9 kids!!!! She said at one time she had seven under the age of seven and then her last two were twins! I told her she could have had a reality show! At the end of the appointment I had to use this contraption to get her jaw relations and it looks really funny- and she thought so too- she just started dying out laughing- it was hilarious!

Lady #3- This sweet lady has just had the hardest life- full of medical problems that have caused her to have so many problems in her mouth- most of her teeth just hurt all the time that she said she can not remember what it feels like not to hurt! At the end of the appointment, she hugged me and told me that she used to love to smile, but she doesn't anymore because she is embarrased of her teeth- it broke my heart!

This week has been great because God has shown me what a ministry I will be able to have and during the past two years it has been hard to see that when all you do is study books, etc... My patients are people I can pray for and I as help each one of them there will be windows of opportunity to share God's love! I am really excited to finally get a glimpse of what my daily life will be like!

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