Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two Week Break

The past two weeks have been absolutely great and needed! I was fortunate to spend the first week at the beach, first with my family at my aunt's house in watersound, Florida and the second part with Jonathan and Kerri Davis in Gulf Shores! Kerri is in my dental school class and they have been so nice to invite us to their beautiful place on the beach! This beach trip I had a traumatic encounter with a hermit crab. Bo MADE me play frisbee and as I was running to catch the frisbee I slipped on the shell of a hermit crab and had to get stitches on the bottom of my foot. I got my stitches out today and told the doctor I thought one area still had something in there because it had been hurting- I had a freaking CLAW in my foot for the past 10 days- watch out for those crabs! My sweet best friend McLeod got stitches around the same day by a huge nail- we took matching stitches pictures!
The next weekend I was a bridesmaid in Aimee Prevost now Aimee Sanford's wedding. I always feel so honored to be in people's weddings because it is such a special day! Aimee looked so beautiful and was such a laid back bride. She was just glowing! I was so glad to see so many of my college friends that I do not get to see often also- I miss those college days!


  1. HA HA HA!!! so i just read the part about how you had a claw stuck in your foot for ten days and laughed out loud and then I had to tell Zach! Helaughed too! I have to be honest I am more than excited to read the blog of all the crazy Lane adventures! Love you my sweet sweet friend!

  2. I love your blog. Your cousin is so cute, looks like you had a great time. Have a great week. Love you.