Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Hot!

Everyone out there that has air conditioner better not take it for granted and be thankful! Bo and I have been living with out air conditioner for the past week and we have never been so miserable! It is hotter inside than out. Our dogs walk around panting and acting like they are about to have a heat stroke, and Bo and I do not even get close to each other because it is just too hot! We are getting a new air conditioner tommorow though- the air conditioner men said that ours is so ancient that they do not even make them anymore, so needless to say I am SOOO excited to be cool in my own house tommorow!
Bo and I are also embarking on the adventure of P90X- an extreme workout regimen that you do for 90 days. People have told us that it is extremely hard but we had no idea- on top of sweating in our own house with no air, we are pouring sweat during our workout! We have both never been so sore in our entire lives- 2 days down and just 88 days to go! We are taking this very seriously- they tell you to take before shots, so we did, but have not decided if i will be sharing those on our blog- maybe if the end result is worth it- which I know it will be!!!


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  2. Sorry about that. I'm not use to this blogging business and I forgot I was signed in under Jer's name! I feel your pain with the air conditioner. We just moved into our new house on Tuesday and our air conditioner has not worked yet! It won't be fixed until this week so I know what you've been through. I'm glad you are cool by now!